Codebits IV – Making burgers with JavaScript

In this year’s Codebits that happened in Lisbon, I gave a talk about Making burgers with JavaScript.

It covers Raphaël js library and a little bit of LibSAPO.js

For now you can check my slides

and the source code of the game and the demos in github:

Also there is a video available but this time i talked in portuguese. Feedback is appreciated.

I will add a detailled description of the talk in the next few days.

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Oh! and he’s still breathing!!

Yeah! i know.. my bad!

Not writing is not good!!!

Ok, so i have been at Berlin attending and it was a blast.

I will now review some of the cool stuff i saw there and will talk about it here in the blog.

So until next time, hopefully will be very soon.

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I’m giving a look into the new YUI 3.

I have seen that it introduces major changes regarding YUI2.

I will post more info after a more extensive test and review of it.

Keep coding…

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#Fail ftw

Hum.. i’m wondering…

what the hell happened here!

My db user was erased and my last post just disappeard from my wordpress…


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Firebug Lite

One of the concerns you need to have when developing javascript is to make cross browser checks to see if everything works as expected.

One cool extension for Firefox is firebug. It helps a lot for debugging your code.

You have also available firebug lite, it is a set of javascript includes that creates a small firebug console on ie, opera and safari. Also you can use it as a bookmarklet

It is really handy!

You can read more here

keep coding…

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looking at jsconf

Jsconf09 is happening as we speak! I did a really simple widget to get the latest 15 tweets from #jsconf

and i did it just because i was in the mood…

here it is (It needs some css to be better… i will change it later)

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CSS training

Yesterday had a training session on CSS @sapo

André was the one who gave us the training.

You can know more about him at

Nice one Andre!

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And now… restart

Just migrated my old blog from blogger to my own domain using wordpress.

I will try to update it more here that before!

I’m still changing layouts and features so it can be messy in the next days!


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Hello 2009!

Hi! :)

Wish you all a nice 2009!

This year some major changes in my life will happen!

I will giving some news meanwhile.

Oh well, another year that is starting! They are flying!!

See you in my next post!

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And thats all folks…. for 2008!

Well i will resume the previews posts that i didn’t put on my blog!

Codebits went nicely… we didn’t get any award.. but we were contacted by Sapo to continue with the project! Nice!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New year!

Wow that was nice, 2008 was very nice, nice trips and lot of stuff going on!

Have a blast!

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